Cape Alternative Bulding Concepts

Cape Alternative Building Concepts provides high quality and cost effective light steel frame construction services to the greater Cape Town area. We offer architects and homeowners the ability to build the projects they want, without difficulties with materials and high costs, giving them the freedom to express their natural artistic flare and create unique functional spaces. Our structures are energy efficient, easy to maintain, cost effective, versatile and precision engineered quality.

Our use of non-traditional building methods incorporating light steel frame construction offers the opportunity to erect structures; residential, commercial or industrial of a higher quality and with less wastage and loss of work hours to weather, and to keep to the exact building specifications.


Our light steel frame buildings consist of structural wall frames and roof trusses, manufactured from cold-formed light-gauge galvanised steel sections. Exterior finishing is done to the client’s specifications from plaster or wood panelling, to sandstone or marble tiling.

Electricity, plumbing and insulation material are installed in the wall cavity making the addition of these services easier, faster and more cost-effective.

We complete overall construction in half the time and at lower cost. Our light steel frame buildings are also stronger, safer and require less maintenance minimising energy wastage during building operations, as well as during the lifetime of the building.

Our green, environmentally friendly building alternative, reduces our carbon footprint by up to 80% and allows us to apply future-orientated construction practices.

Why Us?

  • We are customer orientated
  • Tight schedules are always kept
  • Many years of experience
  • Knowledgable and competent crew
  • We always keep a clean and safe site
  • Quality is important to us
  • We love what we do

Benefits of light steel frame construction and other alternative building methods


Product of world class standards, consistent material quality, and straight walls and square corners guarenteed.


Stronger than brick and mortar, high strength to weight ratio, durable, dimensional stability and resistence to moisture. Less probablility of weather, wind or earthquake damage.

Cost effective

Prices are stable and predictable, There is little waste. Transport and other overall costs are lower.


Environmentally friendly, steel is recyclable and 80% reduced carbon footprint.

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Will not rot, swell, split or crack. No structural failures and easy to maintain. Tough against fungi and mould


Allows flexibility in design and allows for any shape. Reduced foundation and base plates and overall lighter structure.


Superioir accuracy, 50% faster build time, more predictable schedules, easier to plumb and electrify, perfect for sloping sites.

Client satisfaction

Earlier occupation, increased internal areas, saving on electricity due to superior insulation. Highly increeased resistence to fire.

Contact Details

Telephone:(021)782 1190/073 803 9695
Email: werner.cabc@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cabc/

Fish Hoek,
Cape Town,
South Africa