Yes! I’m up for it. But what do I get for my money?

There might be blood, there might be sweat, there might be tears. You definitely will have the time of your life, participant and spectator alike. This is a weekend all about having fun with like minded people!


But seriously. Some say that I can go ride in that area, for free! Yes. Of course you can! And we encourage you to do so as much as you can. Sharpen those skills! But the CABC is NOT a public rideabout around Rooiberg Lodge.
Firstly, the setting. We will be staying at the magnificent Rooiberg Lodge and your camping fee for the entire weekend is included in your entry fee.
Food! After arrival on Thursday you’ll get to know your fellow participants over dinner, included in the prise, of course. The next morning breakfast is covered and we’ll even throw in a lunch pack for the day’s riding! This will be repeated each day, so dinner, breakfast, lunch, all sorted and included! Sounds to good to be true? The Saturday eve as the event winds down we’re even doing a spitbraai! And yes, Sunday you can have breakfast before you leave. It’s ALL IN!


Routes! No, not those public routes you can ride anyway. PRIVATE ROUTES! The organizers have been on recce weekends scouting all the best riding on PRIVATE land. Even if you have been riding this area for 10 years (like some of the organizers have) we still found new routes and new scenery. You won’t be able to explore these unless you are on the CABC! If you are an experienced Adventure Rider these (Orange) routes are for you. Some skill will be needed, but the routes are so worth it!
The skilled riders tackle the Red Routes. No worries whether you’ve seen these roads before. Where you are going, there are no roads…
As for Green, if you are new to Adventure Riding you probably don’t know the area yet. We’ll send you off exploring the most scenic routes in the area and we’ll be jealous, remembering the world of wonder
that opened up before us years ago when we first set out adventure riding.


Skills Challenge! This you don’t find in a normal day’s riding. Most of Saturday’s activities will happen at the venue with several skills challenges laid out. The challenges will be independent so several bikes will be busy at the same time. Challenges are set up by professionals using equipment like digger-loaders, all for the benefit of the event and you get to ride this, all included of course!
This part of the event is equally fun for participant and spectator alike!!!
Bragging Rights! Skills are recognized and rewarded, but the overall winner of the event will be determined over the course of the entire event. The moment you arrive, we start scoring you.
May the best Adventure Rider win!